Flap’s 2048 White Tiles – Released!

FeaturedThis is a parody game that includes the basic elements of Flappy Bird, 2048, and Don’t Touch The White Tiles.

After seeing all of the clones on the market, I deduced that people must really like these games! And so after lots of hard thinking, I figured: People like ham, bread, and cheese. But they like ham and cheese sandwiches more!

And so thus was born the combination of these three popular games! Finally, a game that flawlessly combines the skillful precision of White Tile games, the mathematical splendor of 2048 number games, and the endlessly fun frustration of a certain Flapping Bird!


Basically, you have to keep the bird flying by passing him through the spikes. But to make him fly, you have to click the black tiles that appear on the bottom of the screen. Every spike you pass through gets you 1 point. Additionally, you can collect number tiles. The tiles you collect multiply with each other. If you manage to combine the tiles and create the number 2048, you get 10 more points.

Google Play Link: http://waa.ai/Flap2048WT


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