Lily’s Day Off – More Content

Lily’s Day off has really become much more popular than I thought it would become. In fact, it’s become so popular that people are even asking for more endings. There’s currently 8 endings, but I can understand wanting more since each route takes only about 5-10 minutes each to play through.

So here’s where I announce the good news! I am currently working on creating some new endings. I plan to include a total of 8 new endings, meaning 8 new routes. This means essentially double the gameplay! In addition, I am also considering giving Lily some new outfits which players can choose for Lily to wear. Finally, I am planning some various little updates to the UI and menu system.

I plan to release all of these things and make them available to players via a separate app purchase for just $.99. The original game will remain completely free. The new app, Lily’s Day Off Plus+ will contain all of the original content plus the extra things!


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