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Kitty Can Fly – Released!

Kitty Can Fly

Kitty Can Fly has been released! Go grab it at

This game was made in about 5 days, but it’s still probably my most addicting game yet.

In Kitty Can Fly, players take control of Kitty the cat. But he’s no ordinary cat… KITTY CAN FLY!

Kitty one day discovered that if he spins his body fast enough, he can create enough torque to counteract the force of gravity, thus achieving liftoff and venturing where no cat has ever dreamed of going before!

Download today and help Kitty reach new heights and epic distances in Kitty Can Fly!

Questions, comments, concerns? Drop me an e-mail at or just leave a comment here.


New Game Coming!


I’ve been working on a new game and I plan to release it within the next one or two days. Look forward to playing it on android devices!