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My Android game, Star Catch

Star Catch – First 12 Hours!!


Wow, these past 12 hours have been crazy. I kept the game off of the play store for a long time because I knew there were going to be hidden bugs that would pop up. I took that extra time to try and find anything wrong with the game and fix it. Well, after release yesterday, sure enough, bugs galore!

It all started with me realizing that after buying an item in-game, the game crashed if you tried to buy any more items. I then realized people who uninstall the game will lose any purchases! After some digging it turned out that the two were intertwined. The game was crashing because I had the “restore purchases” code in the wrong section of my code. And the lost purchases were caused by the missing code. Luckily no one had bought anything yet, though. That’s all fixed for now.

I also went around and fixed other small things. Level one had a sentence that said “Touch the fox fox to begin!” Crazy that I missed that. It’s the first level and the first thing you see, so I don’t want that to be peoples’ first impression of the game. I also did some more small work on purchases to make sure they’re working correctly.

The final big thing I did was a script before release. I must’ve spent an entire day coding a really messy code for controlling the character through an offset method (so players can see their character with their fingers out of the way). I hated how it turned out. However, this morning I was suddenly hit with an idea on how to do it the RIGHT way. I threw away all of the old offset code and started from scratch. I finished it in 20 minutes and it works 100% perfectly. Embarrassing, really. Hahaha

But that’s how my first 12 hours have been. Pure mayhem. Wanna see the outcome of all this mayhem? Download the game for free on Google Play:


Official Star Catch Trailer

I know. It’s been a long time since I last updated here, hasn’t it? In fact, the last update was when I released the Defacer trailer almost three months ago!

Well, I’m finally back after all this time with good news. Remember that game I said I’ve been working on?

I expect to release it before Christmas.  But while I have you here, let me explain a bit about how the game works.

In the game, you take control of an (as of yet unnamed) alien fox who accidentally released a cage full of his home planet’s energy source: Starlies.

You control  the fox using your finger to drag him around and collect the stars. As the game progresses, the levels get faster and the obstacles get more difficult to overcome.

The app will release on Google Play and will be available for $0.99. I also expect to have a free demo which will allow players to sample the game before they commit to a purchase.