Star Catch Released!

Star Catch Feature

Star Catch has been released! Go grab it at

Questions, comments, concerns: Let me hear ’em!

I’ll be updating the blog more often now as new Star Catch content is released.

Enjoy the game everyone!


Official Star Catch Trailer

I know. It’s been a long time since I last updated here, hasn’t it? In fact, the last update was when I released the Defacer trailer almost three months ago!

Well, I’m finally back after all this time with good news. Remember that game I said I’ve been working on?

I expect to release it before Christmas.  But while I have you here, let me explain a bit about how the game works.

In the game, you take control of an (as of yet unnamed) alien fox who accidentally released a cage full of his home planet’s energy source: Starlies.

You control  the fox using your finger to drag him around and collect the stars. As the game progresses, the levels get faster and the obstacles get more difficult to overcome.

The app will release on Google Play and will be available for $0.99. I also expect to have a free demo which will allow players to sample the game before they commit to a purchase.

Worked on the New Game All Day

So I’m making a new game. Well, I’ve been making this game for months–since I first even got into Unity. But just recently I really got into it again, so I decided to re-do all of the scripts and everything and start fresh. Part of the reason I did this was because a friend of mine, Atvrcr, collaborated with me on what would make the game better and he had some really great ideas. And the other part was because my old code was super crazy and clunky because I didn’t really know what I was doing back when I first started making the game.

So like I said, I worked pretty much all day on this. I got really frustrated when I couldn’t figure out how to do some proper outlines to have a nice looking in-game text, so i settled for making all of my own numbers and making my own script to change textures at appropriate times.

It feels pretty cool to be working on games all the time non-stop. I mean, I just finished releasing Defacer, and I didn’t even want to take a break. I actually wanted to push on. it’s fun for me. I suppose this is what it’s like to have a job you love… Or even just A job, for that matter?

Sidenote: I’m also excited about my new phone which is going to be delivered tomorrow. the HTC One! Stupid Verizon took so long to release the thing, but whatevs. It’s still an awesome phone. Besides, I need something faster for testing games on besides my old Thunderbolt.

So yes, for now, the new game is being kept under wraps, but I hope it’ll turn out fun for everyone. Keep checking back for more updates.

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